Hi! I’m La.

I’m an Experience Designer who aims to surprise, delight, and combine functional with enjoyable.

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Who is La?

Repping the great state of Louisiana? Light up sneakers from the 90s? A note to follow "So"?

(Nah – It’s just short for Lauren.)

Swings are great.

Who I Am

On the career personality tests in school, I always scored high on opposite sides of the funky, 5-pointed graph: Art and Technology. Everyone else scored high on adjacent subjects, presenting clear topics for their career path essays. I'm pretty sure I split my essay into two mini-essays, unable to choose a side.

I was a 12-year-old rebel.

How I got Here

My undergrad degree from Oglethorpe (aka Atlanta's Hogwarts) is in Studio Art with a Psychology minor. I worked as a Graphic Designer and marketer for 5 years before going to Georgia Tech to earn my MS in Human-Computer Interaction (with equal focus in Digital Media and Industrial Design). I spent a few years in agency life before becoming my own boss and I currently freelance, taking on project-based gigs that align with my interests and expertise. Find my full resume here.

What I do

I brainstorm, collaborate, and throw ideas at walls. I organize, prioritize, and simplify. I hack and tinker, research, test, and solve. I ferociously attack design problems from both strategic and creative angles, pouncing on the user-friendliest of solutions. Roar!


I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and abilities, but here are some of my favorite things – things that I am confident I can do well.


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VIEW MY résumé

Here's some other cool stuff I've seen and done along the way.

Attended 2016 SATE Conference (Story + Architecture + Technology = Experience) in New York City
Blog post on MoxieUSA.com: "Six Flags Takes VR for a Ride"
Volunteered at 2016 Future X Live Conference in Atlanta
Published as a contributing author: "United Universe: A Second Screen Transmedia Experience" in TVX '15
Presented at 2015 TVX Conference in Brussels, Belgium
Participated in Object-Oriented UX Workshop
Volunteered at 2015 American Alliance of Museums Conference
Rode my 100th Roller Coaster in 2015
Interviewed on themed event planning by ATLRetro
5x "Daddies" Award Winner at Dad's Garage Theatre Company


I like to keep busy. Here are a few extracurriculars.

Just about the only time you'll see me on stage on purpose.

My second home, where I volunteer and help out with events and marketing.

107 coasters and counting! I really like ranting about park accessibility and storytelling choices...

It's been a bit since we've thrown one, but it's one of my favorite things to plan.

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